Tourist Festivals

Winter Sports Carnival

“Lazy Winters were Never So Much Fun” join the incredible Sports Carnival is a chance to have fun filled experience with your friends.

The Carnival brings along:

(1) Skill based learning – team building, communication, sportsmanship & Interpersonal skills development while learning new games & challenges

(2) Free fitness assessment

(3) Engage in Physical Activity through age-appropriate & fun filled games.

Dilli Utsav

‘Meri Dilli Utsav’, the annual event is organized to provide the people of Delhi 3 days of family fun, joy, masti and lots of cheer with various stalls of exquisite top of the line products and exotic mouth watering delicacies.

Highlights of the Utsav:

– Regularly organized since 2006.

– The current one is the 7th edition.

– Utsav theme ambience

– Organized in more than 100000 sq feet area.

– 100 plus exciting Shopping Stalls.

– Exotic mouth watering food.

– Fun for the whole family.

– Non Stop Musical Shows from a huge stage.

– Tambola from exclusive separate stage.

– More than 400 ft frontage

Jammu & Kashmir Festival

The Jammu & Kashmir festival was started with a view to showcasing rich cultural diversity and to inculcate J&K’s art consciousness amongst the people of the state and the country. the festival is organized by the Jammu and Kashmir state in collaboration with India International Centre (IIC).

Speaking on the occasion is the Governor who attends the festival. He basically emphasizes the need for preservation and effective showcasing of the rich cultural heritage of the Jammu and Kashmir for which it has been known. “We should focus on reviving and strengthening our glorious pluralistic cultural traditions and heritage and work towards making India a strong and a vibrant nation”.“Ours is a multi-religious, multi-lingual and multi-cultural country and this unique aspect has been the greatest strength of our country” and are a treasure house of art, culture and heritage which needs to be optimally preserved and promoted.

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