Nili Chhatri Temple

Nili Chhatri Temple is a Hindu temple in New Delhi dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed that eldest Pandavabrother, Prince Yudhisthira, established the temple and the Nigambodh Ghat adjacent to it, and conducted  the Aswamedha yajna from here. The temple located in the Yamuna bazaar area on the banks of the Yamuna River exists even today. The temple has been mentioned only infrequently in various chronicles of Delhi. The Archeology and Monumental Remains of Delhi by Carr Stephen (1876, reprinted 2002) Nili Chhatri is the tomb of Naubat Khan. Naubat Khan was a mansabdar (state official) during the time of Akbar. He built it during his lifetime in 1560’s. The tomb is called as Nili Chhatri due to the colour of its dome which was originally ornamented with blue caustic tiles. The tomb stands almost midway between Purana Qila and the tomb of Nizamuddin Auliya. It is built in an enclosure of several acres. Though the walls of the tomb are not extant in its entirety, some portions of it can still be seen in the surrounding areas

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