Karol Bagh & Khan Market

Karol Bagh is a mixed residential and  commercial neighbourhood which is known for its shopping streets, like the Gaffar Market and Ajmal Khan Road. It is one of the three administrative subdivisions of the Central Delhi district. In Karol Bagh there is also a wholesale garments market known as Tank Road. It came into existence with few shopkeepers in the end of 1980s. The area is now considered where the affluent people of Delhi go shop, with busy shopping streets including Ajmal Khan Road, Arya Samaj Road and the Gaffar Market, named after freedom fighter Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan. In recent years, many western businesses have established themselves in this area. Pizza Hut, TGIF, Reebok, Skechers, Puma and Lacoste have all established successful businesses in Karol Bagh. 12/24 Karol Bagh (2009–2010), a recent TV series on Zee TV, was not only set in Karol Bagh, but was also shot and produced in Delhi.

Khan Market

Khan Market was constructed in 1951, and was named in the  honour of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan. It  has been ranked as the costliest retail location in India. In 2010, it was rated as the world’s 21st most expensive retail high street by real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield.  The U-shaped, double-storey market complex originally had 154 shops and 74 flats on the first floor for shopkeepers, Many of these shops were allocated as seed land to immigrants from the North-West Frontier Province after the partition of India, Khan Market is named in honor of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (1890–1988). One of the best things about this market is its interesting book shops. It has also got some excellent tailors who will make you a suit in less than a week. For Ayurvedic food, medicine and skin care check out Boutique, and Khalid  Hidden away, you’ll find some great lounges to relax in, many with balconies overlooking the street.

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