Janpath, translated as People’s Path, is one of the main roads in New Delhi. The Janpath market, is a heaven for budget travelers and shoppers, buyers of curio, handicrafts and garments. The Janpath market stretches around 1.5-km from the Outer Circle of Connaught Place to Windsor Place. Between Fire Lane and the Imperial Hotel, the Tibetan Market can be found which has a wide range of Himalayan arts and crafts. Musical instruments, wall hangings and bead shops are in abundance. The Janpath has an abundance of walking vendors who sell trinkets, such as necklaces, chunky jewellery, jootis, and handicraft items. Drums, horns and postcards, and even shawls, scarves, particularly to foreigners, most of whom now know about the bargaining required. Most speak good English and are good at bartering. South of Rajpath is the National Museum, which will take half a day to wander through.

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