Gurdwara Nanak Piao

Gurdwara Nanak Piao is dedicated to the first Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Nanak Dev. It is built site of the garden where he camped when he visited Delhi in 1505, during reign of Sultan Sikander Shah Lodhi. The Gurdwara is situated on the Rana Pratap Road, in the capital city of India, New Delhi. Guru Nanak used to distribute all the offerings to the poor and needy. Besides these, he used to offer food and water to hungry and thirsty. This gave Nanak Piao Gurudwara its name. One can still see the well from which Guru Nanak served water in the shrine. According to a interesting legend, during Guru Nanak’s visit to Delhi, Sikander Lodhi came to know that he had revived a dead elephant and won admiration of both Hindu and Muslim devotees. Thus, he sent a call to him to revive one of his dead royal elephants, but the Guru refused to do so. The haughty ruler imprisoned him. While in the prison, Guru Nanak’s kindness and virtuosity won hearts of the prison officials. During the same time, a great earthquake shook the capital on July 3, 1505 and people thought that it was due to curse of Nanak, who was imprisoned. Thus, Nanak was released.

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