Red Fort

The Red sandstone walls of the massive Red Fort  also known as “Lal Qila” rises 33-m above the clamour of Old Delhi. The walls were built  in 1638 and were designed to keep out invaders but now they mainly keep out the noise and confusion of the city. The vaulted arcade of Chandni Chowk, a bazaar selling tourist trinkets, leads into the huge fort compound. The main gate, the Lahore Gate, is one of the emotional and symbolic focal points of the modern Indian nation and also attracts a major crowd on eachIndependence Day.

Inside the red fort is a veritable treasure trove of buildings, including the Drum House, the Hall of Public Audiences, the white marble Hall of Private Audiences, the Pearl Mosque, the Royal Baths and the Palace of Color. An evening sound and light show re-creates events in India’s history connected with the fort.

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