Azad Hind Garm

Azad Hind Gram, was an Indian provisional government established in Singapore in 1943 and was supported by Japan.  It was a part of a political movement in the 1940s outside of India with the purpose of allying with Axis powers to free India from British Rule. Established by Indian nationalists-in-exile during the latter part of the Second World War in Singapore with monetary, military and political assistance from Imperial Japan, to fight against British Rule in India. After completing the task of reorganizing the Indian Independence League and launching preparations for revolutionizing the army, and after conducting a successful campaign to mobilize the support of the Indian communities throughout Southeast Asia, a phase which lasted from July to October, Netaji turned toward formation of the Provisional Government of Azad Hind (Free India) in Germany. Founded on 21 October 1943, the government was inspired by the concepts of Subhas Chandra Bose who was also the leader of the government and the Head of State of this Provisional Indian Government in Exile. The government of Azad Hind had its own currency, court and civil code and in the eyes of some Indians its existence gave a greater legitimacy to the independence struggle against the British.  Throughout its existence, it remained heavily dependent on Japanese support. The legacy of Azad Hind is, however, open to judgment. After the war, the Raj observed with alarm the transformation of the perception of Azad Hind from traitors and collaborators to “the greatest among the patriots.

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